15,000 Thread West Books To Our Mid East Troops!!

Reid and the Threads West Team are delighted to have donated 15,000 books for our great deployed men and women in the hell hole of the Mid East–the Story of America to the brave folks who defend her! Now you can help too, through Move America Forward, the terrific outfit that gets these and other goodies to the front line–and please do!

 An Excerpt From The *Move America Forward*    

                                           Special Christmas Edition Newsletter…                                    

Moving America Forward
Supporting our Troops and their missions in the War on Terror
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Thank You Reid Lance Rosenthal! Best Sellers for our Troops!
Please take a moment to read a special message from best-selling author Reid Lance Rosenthal on why he is honored to donate his amazing books to our troops!

“As in 2016, it is my honor and pleasure to donate 5,000 copies of the first book of Threads West; An American Saga, to the men and women who defend Americans and America. Threads West is a multiple # 1 National, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble Best Selling series enjoying an almost even split of male and female readers across all age groups, and the winner of twenty six National Awards. This brings to 15,000 the number of Threads West books sent to troops through the great auspices of Move America Forward! 

This is the epic saga of many life threads of brave men and independent women of uncommon cultures, differing origins and competing ambitions woven on the loom of history, entwined into the American Spirit and propelled by fate and freedom to form the tapestry that becomes the whole cloth of a great nation; a meld of the mosaic that is uniquely America. You will recognize the characters who live in these pages. They are the ancestors of your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, and your family who forged freedom and defended America for future generations. They are you. They are us. This is not only their story. It is our story. It is the story you brave troops defend and continue.

The epic saga begins in 1854 with the first of five, richly textured, complex generations of unforgettable, multicultural characters. The separate lives of these driven men and inspired women are drawn to a common destiny that beckons seductively from the wild and remote flanks of the American West. Swept into the dangerous currents of the far-distant frontier by the mysterious rivers of fate, the power of the land and the American spirit, their paths will intersect with the trails of others; an Oglala Sioux family, an elderly black couple setting their life sails for the winds of freedom, devout Mormons on the Exodus, a black-hearted renegade and his tender, young capture, Spanish blood exiled from the south and a shrewd Ute Chief and his wives, setting in motion conflicts and bonds affecting each of their lineages over one hundred and seventy years of United States history.

Forged in the crucible of history, shaped on the anvil of a dangerous land, the tragic story of the Indians begins to unfold. Armed conflicts, the rancor of slavery, the discovery of gold, the railroad, the fencing of the West, the industrial revolution, dust bowl, World War I, Depression, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and the mammoth clash of civilizations and ideologies that mark current times all create lethal surprises when the characters, their children, and their children’s children are forced to defend their lands, their loved ones, their freedom and their honor. 

In the beginning, they have neither country nor culture in common — but the textured, complex and conflicted lives of these courageous men and women become the adventurous American spirit, and the self-reliant spine of an emerging nation as it transforms into the world’s preeminent power, that YOU the incredible, brave men and women of our armed forces defend every minute, hour, and day for the benefit of the rest of us. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah, Troops! May these pages bring YOU cheer and a smile! Stay Safe!”

Reid Lance Rosenthal

To Learn More About Move America Forward and the Annual Troopathon
click this link: www.moveamericaforward.org 

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