And it just gets better and better

A reader comment  from one of the lucky early birds who received books in the Amazon fluke pre release ship (till they ran out  :-)). Arthur is also a non fiction author whose work can be found on Amazon.
 And it just gets better and better March 13, 2014

By Arthur Worster/Jackson Hole
“While I have been captured from the first book of this series, Reid’s descriptive prose has simply become more and more vivid. His obvious knowledge of that era – immigrants, native tribes, other characters that add to the nature of the time, land, mountains – all add up to a story that is deepening with every book in the series. At every step along the way, Reid’s knowledge and research allow him to create pictures of the environment as well as the people. Having read other great anthologies of the developing West from Michener to McMurtry, I find that Reid captures the essence of that time through the eyes of his characters as well as his predecessors and that in doing so, they become like good friends. If one is a fan of historical fiction that allows the reader to become engrossed in both the characters and that time in our history, they cannot fail to enjoy this book and the series. I will look forward to the next release, and I am confident the ones after that.”

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  1. carole says:

    I just finished reading Uncompahgre, and it was another page tuner, couldn’t put it down! The characters spoke to me and couldn’t decide I was the journey with them-didn’t want the ping at book to end, now I need book 4 which will continue the journey even more. I have 2 students that want to discuss the book with me, they are chopping at the bits for me to finish the book…great job but then you haven’t disappoint me or the fans that I have given the book to, they want more~!

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