Author Endorsements

“The book is riveting and the story line captivating. I didn’t want to put the book down once I was started. I have never read Romance or Western novels and I thought this read would be a stretch for me but as I got into the story I immediately became engaged and found myself immersed in each word as the tale, the characters and their lives unfolded.”

~ KAREN MAYFIELD, Msc.CC, – National bestselling author of “Wake Up Women BE Happy Healthy & Wealthy” and co-creator for “Wake up Women” book series.


“Diverse characters interwoven with highly visual prose flow into a journey of gathering suspense.  One senses the tightening thread that binds them will unravel with both delicious and devastating results.  Rosenthal delivers!”

,  – #1 International bestselling author – UK/US/CN

National Reviews – Threads West

“The last time I fell madly in love with a Western historical saga, the title was Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry; it won a Pulitzer in 1986. The splendor and adventure of Threads West…An American Saga, Novel One, has now surpassed my long-ago love affair with McMurtry’s Western saga. Reid L. Rosenthal, cowboy and rancher, has written a novel that spirited me away to the 1850s-1860s era and provided me with gripping hours of authentic Western history, action, drama, heartfelt romance and something extra special and seldom seen in literature of this caliber: well-written, sizzling sensuality.

What separates a good novel from a great one? I close a good novel and feel satisfied. When I close a great novel, like this one, I feel sad that there are no more pages to read. From the first time each character appears in the book to the last time they fade from the pages, I was immersed in the personal stories of the heroes, the heroines, the bad guys, the powerful, the vulnerable, and the brave. I cared about their lives and loves, strengths and weaknesses, and their strife and successes. As they head for their compelling shared and undiscovered destinies, their paths unfurl like a Western sunrise in this new saga of the American West.

The Threads West series opens with a bang and closes with a promise of more excitement to come. The story of these enduring characters is destined to stamp its imprint on the spirit and heritage of readers’ hearts.

The writing is incredible. I’ll leave you with this small taste from Reid L. Rosenthal’s pen: “Dawn on the day of departure was a brilliant palette of indigo in retreat to the west and blossoming fire orange to the east. The Mississippi had a slight chop from the morning wind, the surface ripples reflecting the burgeoning day in a shimmer of color.”

Five stars are not enough. One book is not enough. Let there be more Threads West. Soon!~ Eve Paludan,  Twice #1 Writers Digest National bestselling author, Romance Writer’s Pink Pages. Editor, Publisher and Reviewer, and author of Letters from David, and (pending) The Man Who Fell from the Sky.