‘The Greatest Generation’ salutes their comrades, and the country they served on Memorial Day Read more: http://www.bizpacreview.com/2015/05/25/the-greatest-generation-salutes-their-comrades-and-the-country-they-served-on-memorial-day-207439#ixzz3caScWoAY


View post on video here APRIL 19, 1776- MAY 25, 2015…For all of you who left your souls on the field of battle–You men, women, fathers, sons, daughters, and sisters of 239 American years who heard as your last sounds the cry of war, and breathed your final breath so that we might be free…an […] more to read »

A Special Few Audio Clips from the Ladies of the Threads West, An American Saga!


Rebecca Marx – She was a dark haired beauty with ravenous eyes and a figure that turns heads. But Rebecca was petulant, clever, demanding, spoiled and jealous of her creature comforts and stature in English high society. Prior to his death she shrewdly assisted her father for years in the family trade. She views the decline […] more to read »

May 3, 1854- Surprise Audio Clip #1

Audio Book

We have heard your request, so here it is– another audio clip from the from the highly anticipated Threads West, An American Saga audio book- May 3, 1854! Over the next few days, we will be posting more audio, contests, and giveaways so head over to our Facebook Page THREADSWEST, don’t have facebook? Don’t worry, […] more to read »