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Threads West, An American Saga  –  Series Schedule
The Maps of Fate Era Novels – 1854 to 1875
Book One – Threads West, An American Saga (Collector’s Edition) English Released (5 Printings) 
Book TwoMaps of Fate English Released (3 Printings) 
Book OneThreads West, An American Saga (July 2013 Reprint) English Released (2 Printings) 
Book ThreeUncompahgre English Released (2 Printings)
Book Four – Moccasin Tracks English Projected *      MAY 25, 2017 
Book Five – Footsteps English   Projected*     JUNE 30, 2017 
Book Six – Blood at Glorieta Pass English  Projected*         OCT 10, 2017 
Book Seven – The Bond English TBA 
Book Eight – Cache Valley English TBA 
     *see note at bottom of page
The North to Wyoming Era Novels – 1875 to 1900
Book Nine – North to Wyoming  English TBA 
Book Ten – Tear Stained Leather English TBA 
Book Ten – Spirit of the Laramies English TBA 
Book Eleven – Bitter Hopes English TBA 
Book Twelve – Don’t Fence Me In English TBA 
Book Thirteen – The Tapestry English TBA 
Book Fourteen – Empire English TBA 
Book Fifteen – Water is For Fighting English TBA 
Book Sixteen -Trail to the Big Horn English TBA 
The Canyons Era Novels – 1900 to 1937
2018 – 2019 Canyons and 7 other novels   TBA
Coming Thunder Era Novels – 1938 to 1980
2019 – 2020  Coming Thunder and 7 other novels    TBA
Summits Era Novels – 1980 to 2021
2020 – 2021 Summits and 5 other novels   TBA
Foreign Language Releases
Book One – Threads West, An American Saga Spanish TBA
Book Two – Maps of Fate Spanish TBA
Book Three – Uncompahgre Spanish TBA
Book One – Threads West, An American Saga Icelandic TBA
Book Two – Maps of Fate Icelandic TBA
Book Three – Uncompahgre Icelandic TBA
Book Four – Moccasin Tracks Icelandic     TBA
Book Five – Footsteps Icelandic   TBA

*April 24, 2017

There is MUCH that goes into releasing a book, particularly a book in a major series. Printing, shelf stocking, shipping and million other critical steps many of them in the hands of third parties. These are the dates we are shooting for and working non stop to achieve–there has been a hiatus and we aim to make up for it, but please continue to graciously bear with us (and we will keep you informed!), as we gear up the Threads West Express up for the long haul of Reid’s tremendous epic saga–the story of America set in the West–the story of us.