What the Author/Screen Writer of the Indiana Jones Novels Thinks of Maps of Fate

“Just want say how much I like this story. Johannes is a rascal, and I love rascals! Epic storytelling, detail, and dialogue. Rascals! Passion! Action! Real! Keep writing the Threads West series!” Max McCoy. Author of the 4 Indiana Jones and 18 other novels, Screen Writer for Spielberg’s Into the West, Multiple National Award Winner, […] more to read »

Another Maps of Fate Review

“Who ever would have thought that a fourth-generation cattleman and rancher…would have the imaginary zeal and literary prowess to bring to fruition in a series of novels of sweeping grandeur the essence of the evolving landscape of the largest nation on the North American continent? Yet that is exactly what Reid Lance Rosenthal has done, […] more to read »

Eve Paludan, Two Time #1 National Best Selling Writer’s Digest Author

The sweeping saga continues! Reid Lance Rosenthal has done it again in Maps of Fate, the second book in the Threads West series. This well-written and rich, sweeping saga is packed with adventure, romance, history, conflict, and emotion. It’s as riveting as the first book of the series and continues the journey of memorable characters […] more to read »