Happy Easter and Happy Purim

Threads West, An American Saga Series is now in all of your favorite digital download locations  Threads West, Book 1       Audible:      Audible.com Amazon:     Amazon.com Itunes:        iTunes.com Maps of Fate, Book 2   Audible:      Audible.com Amazon:     Amazon.com Itunes:        iTunes.com Uncompahgre, Book 3 […] more to read »

Flood Water, Getting Books To Stores!

Howdy All! Here is an update on Moccasin Tracks (Book Four) and Footsteps (Book Five) of the Threads West, An American Saga series. If you are into frustrated amusement, or grinning through gritted teeth, check the release dates up on the various dot coms. Barnes and Noble has Moccasin Tracks releasing July 31st. Amazon still has the novel […] more to read »

Uncompahgre, Book Three, and the Threads West Series–what the women readers are saying!

The Threads West, An American Saga series is being enjoyed by folks of all ages–from  young people 14,  to the greatest generation in their 80’s and  90’s! AND, remarkably, almost equally by both genders!  54% gals and 46% guys are reading this epic saga of the story of us–the tale  and romance of America, her people and her spirit set […] more to read »

Letter From a Reader!

Mr. Rosenthal, We met at a little cafe in Grand Junction on August 31st, which happened to be my birthday. I work in a library if that jogs your memory. You asked me to tell you my thoughts on your book. I waited with anticipation for your book Threads West to arrive. Once I started […] more to read »