“Don’t like this at all…

“Don’t like this at all. Nope, not looking forward to it. Not one bit, Buck.” The mustang’s ears pricked at the sound of Zebbariah Taylor’s raspy voice.  The tobiano gelding snorted agreement. The mountain man, holding his reins in one hand and a lead rope in the other, twisted in the saddle and glanced behind […] more to read »

“I’m gonna head down and camp…”

“I’m gonna head down and camp maybe a third way toward those Arapaho tipis north of Cherry Creek. I probably know some of ‘em. I’ll head into their camp in the morning. Be back about midday and you can tell me what the plans are.” Reuben nodded and turned to go. “One more thing, son.” […] more to read »

Their supplies gathered…

Their supplies gathered, Randy led them back up to the front of the store and began to write out the receipts. He looked up mid-sentence. “Who did you ride out here with?” “Just the two of us—and this,” Rebecca patted the rifle. Randy’s eyebrows raised quickly, then sank into a frown. “That’s not all too […] more to read »

“London is like a book I read…”

“London is like a book I read long, long ago. Not the place where I used to live.” “I know, Rebecca, I know. My anticipation of America was the hustle, bustle and throngs of New York, working in my Aunt Stella’s shop, saving money to open my own. I really had no idea…” “…that this,” […] more to read »