Canyons Era Novels

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The Canyons Era Novels – 1900 to 1937
2018 – 2019 Canyons and 7 other novels    

Age overtakes the second generation of Threads West characters. They are bewildered by and resentful towards the industrial revolution, and Natural resources evolution of the West, the changing nature of the lands and the impact of these events on America in the early 1900s.

A new generation emerges. These strong personalities, toughened in the crucible of the western landscape, are sucked into the violent undertow of the turbulent currents of World War I.  They find themselves and their Western values transported to lands and cultures across the sea. It is a life altering experience. Not all will return. Some that do come home, are not intact. On the home front family members are tempted and enticed by those who would take financial and physical advantage of the absence of the head of household. These grandchildren of the 1855 characters struggle with the memories of war. Some resume their lives; others wallow in self-despair, consumed by a need for blind revenge against those who stole their land and women while they were away.

The lives, loves and enmities of this third-generation of Threads West characters are influenced—not always for the best—by the free and easy lifestyle of the roaring 20’s which affects the stability of their families, romances and ambitions, luring some from the land. World changing innovations, most of them American – the internal combustion engine, the telephone, wireless radio, the light bulb and the completion of the railways spanning the United States—begin to forever alter the fabric of the Old West. Passions rise like red heat, enmities that will affect generations are cemented, fortunes are made and lost and the transforming landscape of the West and America gives rise to unimaginable inner conflicts and external pressures impossible to imagine just years before.

Many of the Threads West men and women have become lone wolves, set in their ways. They think they are totally self-reliant.  They are wrong. The bright ebullience of the twenties sinks into the darkness of the Great Depression, the dust bowls and despairing days for the American West. The financial and emotional trauma adds a desperate texture to the complex lives of the Threads West personalities. Some find escape in the heat of fleeting passions, others return to their roots on now struggling ranches.  Simple day to day life is unknown and tumultuous. The characters are caught up not only by the flavor of historical events and personal existence, but in the intrigue of lust, versus love of family, and stubborn principles which interfere with survival, irretrievably setting in motion the destiny of the West, the fates of they and their offspring, the future retwining of life threads on the loom of destiny, and the course of America.