Coming Thunder Era

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Coming Thunder Era Novels – 1938 to 1980
2019 – 2020  Coming Thunder and 7 other novels    

The fourth-generation of Threads West’s characters Generation has reached their teens and early twenties. Their lives are turned upside down by the desperate tattered migration of Mid-westerners from the gritty dust bowls of the Great Plains, the beginnings of western urbanization, and the stubborn scars of the Depression. Some instinctively know the uneasiness in their soul is a foreshadow of coming cataclysmic events and try to subordinate their feelings of powerlessness with wild lifestyles. But the global upheaval hurtling towards them, the West, and the nation is inevitable. Panicked relatives in Europe have procrastinated too long, not truly believing the horrors planned by the pervasive evil creeping like cancer through the marrow of the Continent.  They beseech their American relatives for assistance, but for most, it is too late.

Their private worlds are swept away in the tornadic beginnings of the Great War, World War II. Loves are ripped apart, and life plans are put on hold. The winds of its worldwide violence sweep the characters off ranches and Western homesteads and deposits them like storm tossed debris across the globe where their principles, souls, loyalties and passions are tested by savagery, and tempered by this final great forge of the American spirit.

On the bloody sands of Pacific islands, and in the cold damp hedge rows of Normandy, they long for the warm evening breeze which whispers across the West in that magical moment before sunset.  But the reality they must deal with is the anguish of family trauma, desperate temporary passions in distant lands, the dangers and triumphs of the “war to end all wars,” and inconceivable structural changes in their mates, lives and their lands back home.

Those of the fourth-generation of Threads West characters that survive, return stateside from the Pacific and European theaters to find the West, America, and those they left behind irrevocably altered. They struggle to reconstruct pieces of their lives, their lands and their relationships. In some cases their hope that focus and attention will repair the damages caused by absence is misplaced. There are heartbreaks and exultations, new friendships are forged, old enmities are renewed, and treacherous characters having unknown links to the past emerge, setting the stage for the Summits Era Novels, the conclusion of this epic American Saga.

America enters a period of prosperity, increasingly mobile populations begin to infiltrate sparsely settled regions, land becomes more scarce and life more competitive. The idyllic setting of small towns and vast ranch landscapes begins to mutate. The fourth-generation strives to honor traditions, in some cases to no avail. Love is lost and begins again, temptations sing their siren song, and events destined long prior begin to loom on the future horizons of their lives. Some struggle for the final freedoms in the tempest of 1960’s civil rights activism, others languish hopelessly on reservations embittered by dependency, but struggling to free their spirits.

The fifth-generation enters the Saga. Buffeted by the mentality of the 1960’s, America’s emergence as a super power, the Cold War, and the assassination of a President, they have an entirely different outlook on life, definitions of right, wrong and family structure. Theirs’ is adolescence in an age of transition. The values of family, and the touchstone of the land and western morals clash with the curious mixture of rapidly evolving contemporary concepts of free love, lack of interpersonal commitment, gravitation toward materialism and a growing distrust of authority. Some of the fifth-generation will find themselves in the hell jungles of Southeast Asia, years of horror that will forever permeate the way they look at life and love.