North to Wyoming Era

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The North to Wyoming Era Novels – 1875 to 1900
Book Nine – North to Wyoming  English
Book Ten – Tear Stained Leather English
Book Ten – Spirit of the Laramies English
Book Eleven – Bitter Hopes English
Book Twelve – Don’t Fence Me In English
Book Thirteen – The Tapestry English
Book Fourteen – Empire English
Book Fifteen – Water is For Fighting English
Book Sixteen –Trail to the Big Horn English

The final twenty-five years of the 1800’s is a period of rapid and far-reaching change in the West and the United States. The federal government expands its reach. Montana, Wyoming and the former territories of the Rocky Mountain West have achieved statehood. A semblance of law pushes into previously ungoverned areas. Immigration from around the globe and East of the Mississippi accelerates, driven by the promise of land, open space, freedom and riches. Fences begin to restrict previously open range, huge ranches are founded, and conflict erupts between small and large landowners, cattlemen and sheep herders and those wishing to change or maintain the Rockies. Pioneers and settlers push ever westward to the Pacific. Love and torrid passion bless some. Others subvert principles to greed and ambition.  The timeless struggle between good and evil plays out in the sun drenched canyons and along the blue ribbons of the rivers of Northern Colorado and Wyoming. It is a time of fast guns, steel spines, great ranches, magnetic attractions and America in ascendancy.

Numbed by shocking circumstances and love forever lost, the aging vanguard of characters from the Maps of Fate Era Novels of the Threads West epic, are oblivious to the full import of these macro changes. Day to day existence, local conflicts and grief, consume and embroil the final days of the initial personalities, and shape the romantic, ambitious, in some cases tragic, destinies of their offspring, the second-generation of Threads West, An American Saga. Some of the gritty young men and strong, alluring women of the new generation set a long dangerous course to new locations, meet their loves and begin to put down roots; fighting to protect what is theirs.  Others, restless, bitter, and driven by forces they don’t quite understand, careen from one shallow relationship to the next in their drift northward to escape memories and the burgeoning population of the southern Rockies.

The unraveling of life threads from the whole cloth of their parents plunges the maturing young men and women of generation two toward the tempestuous, great events of twentieth century history, and—unknown to them—begins the chain of fateful situations which will mandate their future conflicted convergence.