Summits Era Novels

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Summits Era Novels – 1980 to 2021
2020 – 2021 Summits and 5 other novels    

The conclusion of the Threads West, An American Saga series is set in the real-time of the contemporary West. (The author wipes his brow, mutters “phew!” under his breath, and grins.) The greatest generation, the heroes and heroines of World War II, grows older. They grudgingly yield the stage of life, cause, ranch and business to the maturing final set of Threads West characters, the great, great grandchildren of the courageous 1850’s personalities of Book One of the series.

It is the information age.  A new type of immigrant, the well-to-do fleeing the big cities, changes the fabric of the West.  Tensions mount between the old and the new.  Vehement disagreement erupts between those of the land and those of the environmental non-profits.  Anger mounts toward an out of control Federal bureaucracy.

The contemporary characters must contend with new internal conflicts, animosity between political persuasions, and unending romantic opportunities in both the flesh and through the portals of a global internet. The unplanned surprise of true love is kindled over vast distances—but competition, both financial and physical, creates violent, uncontemplated conflicts.

The exponential industrialization and exploitation of lands and resources of the West create events and circumstances both terrible and wonderful. This bubbling cauldron of change, steamy encounters, heartfelt commitments, and ambition shape the personalities of this generation, inexorably drawing together opposing forces ordained by destiny one hundred and seventy years prior to once again meet. Shrewd and unrelenting personalities manipulate, scheme and play high stakes business chess upon the game board of the land.

The Saga culminates in a most surprising way with sizzle, intrigue, all things coming full circle, and destinies fulfilled. However, the outcome of the increasingly divisive national and regional clash between those who honor the foundations of America, the American spirit, and the values of the Old West and those who would change it all for personal power, zealous ideology and economic gain remain to be answered.