Last three words…

A gal Threads West series fan chimes in on Uncompahgre!
 Last three words… March 2, 2014

By Nancy K/Colorado
“There was a time during the early planning stages of the Threads West series when the author considered writing this story in six installments. If he had continued on that course, then this third book would have been the one to mark the half-way point of the Threads West series. Hard to believe, if you have read books one and two, that it could ever be possible to write this series in just six installments. But somewhere along the way, the story whispered unforgettable secrets into the author’s ear exposing the depth and breadth of its incredible, fascinating tale and a saga was born.

What Rosenthal has produced with Uncompahgre, is nothing short of cerebral bliss! You will feel as if you are standing right next to the characters, listening to their conversations, feeling their emotions, or experiencing nature’s palpable energy and incredible beauty as only Rosenthal can describe. With book three, the story becomes even more captivating. New characters add unexpected and sometimes sudden twists and turns to the lives of the men and women we have come to know in books one and two. And Rosenthal masterfully takes and places us alongside these men and women, so we may join them as they continue on their remarkable and inspiring journey.

This is a beautiful story that chose the perfect writer. And I am thrilled that the writer chose to end Uncompahgre with these last three words, “To be continued…”

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