Moccasin Tracks-Release Update

Life has an interesting way of interfering with plans. The unexpected occurs, emergencies arise never anticipated, time gets drawn and quartered and dispersed- minutes driven by fateful winds. Nothing, ever, on any level seems to just take the amount of time allocated – always more.

Three weeks ago circumstances and energies all converged on a lonely stretch of Western Interstate in the middle of nowhere at one AM. Two vehicles on the road- literally just the two of us. Not another vehicle for twenty miles in any direction. In fact it, was over five minutes after I pulled the other driver from the turned over hulk of what had been his older Ford pickup til when the first car arrived, and more than an hour before the state patrol got there. The interstate by that time was beginning to back up in a long row of lights, since what was left of our rigs and his trailer loaded with stuff were scattered from shoulder to shoulder for half a mile.

Being five hundred miles from home didn’t help the logistics or the time, and now, with the F350 finally pronounced totaled, weeks later, the unfun search for its replacement is hopefully drawing to a close. However, that’s only after countless hours, brain damage, and dealing with dealers, most of whom were very nice – but let’s face it, not the way one wants or plans to spend inordinate hours!
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Couple that “amusement” with highly frustrating additional time involving getting “distribution” things switched over on the books, and so far it’s been quite a year 🙂

In simplest form the author writes the book, the publisher puts it all together and prints it, and the publisher’s distributor gets it to the shelves, various e-book outlets, the dot-coms, you name it. I’ve left out a thousand steps, the editing, copywriting, layout, cover, art, graphics, and etc. etc. etc. etc., ad infinitum. But in the end, it boils down to those three big steps, handled (one hopes) competently and honesty.

If you look at the back of any book you might have on your shelf you’ll see a barcode and above that a big long number. That’s called the ISBN. It’s the way the book industry anywhere on the planet, at any level of the book industry, from libraries to the Library of Congress, organize, deal with, order, display, and shelve books.

The publishers did a fabulous job of getting us all out of the clutches of the previous distributor. The first step was prying inventory from their reluctant warehouse fingers. Though it no longer affects the books going forward, the publishers are now into the second step, figuring out how much their “reporting” was “off”. It appears substantial.

Our new distributors have so far been terrific, but as part of the switchover they insisted that the ISBN’s for all the titles be changed. That included hand restrickering over 15,000 copies. Not only does that play havoc with a strong string of three years sales under the old ISBN’s, which determine placement, ordering, and stock up by various outlets (it’s like having a new book rather than an already highly successful series) but it takes forever for these new ISBN’s to wind their way through the intricate systems through which books are ordered by stores and others.


Although this process started in October, just in the last month have all the glitches in the Barnes & Noble system been smoothed, many Indy stores are now up to speed and several of the smaller dot-coms are likewise on their feet and running hard. Amazon is almost there, but not quite, and many chains such as Hastings (with over 130 stores) who sell loads of Threads West novels to our readers around the West are still showing the books as “not available” when the store book manager punches the keys to order.

Putting money aside, we were never ecstatic about the distribution by the old distributors and there were problems, even over several years and despite their promises, as they couldn’t or wouldn’t get resolved in the distribution change. The new folks on the contrary are dedicated and have expended a great deal of energy getting this intricate system of publisher, to printer, to distributor, to distributors warehouse, to the widely scattered warehouses of various outlets and from their warehouses to the shelves of their particular stores, or to distribution centers for dot-coms, and finally to your eager hands and eyes.

One of the things the publishers and I agreed on when they discovered the shenanigans of the prior outfit was that once and for all, prior to release of books, the distribution system would be set up so anyone could get their hands on any book in the Threads West series by going online to their favorite outlet, or strolling into their favorite store anywhere in the United States (unless of course the stores were sold out which happens often.)

That “total reach” solution will save our great readers and us huge frustration and time, wasted trips and phone calls. Selfishly speaking, it will dramatically reduce the many, many inquiries we receive as to whether the books are out, where to get books, what locations to avoid, etc. If the Threads West series is in every location, that problem for our readers evaporates.

Putting aside the choppy terrain my horse of life has been riding over the past month, we are simply, flatly, and without fanfare not yet at the point that we need to be in the switchover of the distribution process and reach of the revamped distribution.

MT front-5in-72dpi-RGBSo I’m not gonna sugarcoat this – book 4 is at least two months out before it is released and will be on every shelf it’s supposed to be. The Kindle, Nook, Ibook Store and often other ebooks will be released concurrently, or perhaps just a few days earlier then the print. And, there is good news. We’ve used the delay to beef up the front “catch up” pages which we began in Uncompahgre, Book 3 and we think they’re at a point where not only are they fun reading, but going back to read previous books – unless one wants to as many do (a huge compliment) won’t be necessary. And, the delay has given us time to get the maps that everyone has been clamoring for (great idea readers!) into Book Four, Moccasin Tracks, originally planned to begin with Book Five, Footsteps.

There was and still is conflicting dates in various on line outlets concerning the releases. Very confusing and again a frustration of the ISBN switchover. Right now, with surety we can tell you that the only place to get up-to-date and accurate information is this website. This will also be very first place to get the books. As the ISBN/book industry systems switch out finally completes itself, and the stores can actually call a book up by title, find the right ISBN (and therefore order from their warehouses) rather than the words “out of print” or “discontinued”, and dot-coms and various book outlets will also start having more accurate information. That is simply a function of the industry.

The delay in our pulling the trigger on the release of Moccasin Tracks will slightly affect, though not by much, Book Five, Footsteps only because there is some space that’s needed between books. Book Six, Blood at Glorietta Pass, should not be affected. As the author I will tell you I am still pushing hard, as are the publishers, to get three books into your hands this year and fulfill the overall promise we’ve made to you, if not exactly by date than by annual quantity. If the “floodwaters don’t rise”, that torrid release pace will continue over the years as the characters who live in these pages and the generations that follow line dance through this epic saga of America, played and set on the stage of the American West.

I want to give a big personal thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of you who have written emails, the scores of you who have actually called me, and thousands who’ve called the publisher with all your kind words about how much you love the series, and the men and women who comprise this huge cast of us. Hugely appreciated! And, I want to thank all of you who have not contacted us for being fans of the series. We apologize, but things are what they are, and we are dealing with it. Keep your ears to the track!

Finally, there is some great news for the thousands of you (literally) who’ve contacted us concerning the audio books. You will pleased to know that Book One is now being completed by the top voices in the country, and those voices will immediately be starting Book Two, and Book three. They are phenomenal!!! The audio book information deserves a blog of its own- and that will be coming this week!

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  1. Jane Conrad says:

    Thank you for all of this information, it was interesting and informative. Thankfully you weren’t hurt, or worse.

  2. Eileen Whittemore says:

    Dear Reid

    Although, I want these books in my hands, I know that anything GOOD is worth the wait, so I will be patient and know that you and yours are working hard to keep us happy. Take care and do not worry, your fans will be here for you as the books are great, I am wanting to send my first three copies to my cousin in Italy, as he likes westerns and does good with English. He loves the cowboy days.. Be Kind to yourself and take care,. Eileen Whittemroe

    • if these books where just something to read, another western,i’d not be botherd. But these are good books, well Great Books, and it ‘s hard to wait. Just keep writing Reid,, you have a style that lets me emerce myself in the stories.

  3. Kelly Hardesty says:

    Hi Reid,
    We can hardly stand the suspense while we wait for Book 4 to come out! Of course, we have been waiting for a year for this book to come out, and are so disappointed it will not be this month of February, but we understand and will wait longer. My husband and I love the books as we live in Colorado and loved Book 3. Yes, maps would be great as we live in Durango and are trying to figure out the exact path they took!!
    Keep the Books Coming,
    Rick & Kelly

  4. barbara says:

    Wow, that sounds like quite a road you have been down the last few months. I am more worried about the author than the book, although I am very excited for book 4 o hit shelves. Take care Reid and know that you are in our prayers and thoughts along the way.

    Keep up the great work, I love the series!!!

  5. RON LOMAN says:

    When will you be releasing Moccasin Tracks in EBook form? I have a Kindle and can read the stories better because I can adjust the printing size.

  6. cathi says:

    I met Reid on a ski lift at Jackson hole. He gave me his card and told me about this series, and I now anxiously await the next book. I noticed the mention of post car accident brain damage and understand well the difficulty and frustration one goes through after head injuries as my son experienced post-concussion syndrome from a fall. From not remembering that he ate breakfast within minutes of consuming it, he is now doing well and soon to be a father. His wife is remarkable for all the support she provided. Hoping your recovery is as successful and complete as his! Assuming you still ski and wear a helmet ( and your daughter also whom I think it was with you at Jackson Hole ) Since my son’s injury I now wear one ( not terribly stylish but smart! ) Keep writing… keeps that brain sharp!

  7. Marie says:

    Has any release date been set for Threads West Book 4? I’ve tried to follow the above but too much detail and I still can’t come up with a release date. It seems like it should have been 2 yrs ago. I love the books but with so much time in between books it’s hard to remember the last I read. Hope to hear back from you as you are a great writer.

  8. terri says:

    Met you at the East Idaho State Fair on a Sunday. Bought the first book that day. Finished it Moday night and bought the next two on my Nook that night and finished them Wednesday. I really NEED more. When are they coming?

  9. Jay says:

    Ok… we have been patiently waiting for a LONG time for the release of book 4, and others. Above is says at least 4 months, and that was February. I am amazed that it takes so long after you have worked out the changeover more than a year ago. Supposedly, the books had already been published and it was merely putting a new sticker on them and getting them to the stores. What is the delay now?? I fear you are going to lose the audience you so nicely built up with some good writing.

  10. Janice says:

    Here it is 01/11/2016 and I still cannot get book 4, Moccasin Tracks! What’s the excuse now?

  11. Bill Warrick says:

    June told me about the series but not the accident. Frankly that worries me more than the long wait for book 4. Thanks for the explanation of the difficulties….unbelievable. Hoping for a full recovery and smooth seas moving forward. All the best.

  12. Stephanie Kyelberg says:

    Now I’ve just learned that Moccasin Tracks won’t be ready for release until August 2016!! Personally I’m getting aggravated I can’t find it anywhere an I’m having the same results with all the Treads West books beginning with book 4 to book eight. I’m wondering if it is going to be like this with every book from book four and on. I’m very very disappointed.

    • Reid says:

      Howdy Stephanie

      Absolutely don’t go on what the wackball various web outlets have as dates!! The ONLY dates you can rely on are right here, or on the Threads west Face Book page ( .I and the Pubs will very shortly be posting a comprehensive update on Books Four, Five and Six panned for release this year (and NONE in August–laughing) and slow but sure you will see the various outlets out there get up to speed and accurate.–Here is a synopsis for you. I have the wrecked one ton replaced (the fun stuff that started off 2015), and the ranch house is finally put back together after the immediately subsequent water wreck and a nine month tear out and reconstruct ordeal which began March 1 last year. The blog on the way very soon will have pics of the calamities and fixes–don’t miss them 🙂

      And yep–I am way late, and I am sorry. Be assured that the only person on the planet that wants those books in your hands more than you, is me–But, tough to write (or do much of anything) with floors torn down to dirt, and no water/no heat for a spell (looooong spell!). Big sigh, and a not so humorous chuckle. Graduated, literally from a four foot round table in the corner of the kitchen surrounded by rubble, to functioning house the last week of November, days before the annual Holiday book signing tour which did not end til the first week of January.

      Now the good news! Books 4, 5 and 6 coming your way in 2016, with luck in roughly April…June…Sept/Oct. Lots of surprises in the next novels–guaranteeeeeeeed! And, beginning with Book 4, Moccasin Tracks, twenty five or so pages up front which will bring you right up to speed on the arc of the tale thus far, as well as a really terrific period map that tracks the characters and their travels.

      Thanks so much for writing, and being a Threads West series fan! Thrilled you like Reid’s reads :-). And again, apologies for the update (and book) delay.


  13. Leroy Reed says:

    Plesae let me know where I can get book 4. Barnes & nobel no longer carry them I also would like to know howI can get the E-Books .

  14. ted says:

    excited to have book four moccasin tracks coming soon keep up the great work.

  15. karen zink says:

    It’s Almost November 2016. When will books 4-6 really be on the shelves?? Bragged about this series to more than a dozen book clubs in the area and now they are upset with me because they can’t continue reading your wonderful story. Please, any info is better than none.

  16. Tracee Anderson says:

    I’m disappointed that “Moccasin Tracks” is not available yet, but glad to know it will be soon. Also, to know that 5 and 6 will be coming along soon after! I discovered these books by accident and have been lucky enough to read 1-3 straight through. They are so entertaining! Thank from a life long reader. Keep writing, Reid!

  17. ted says:

    I have read and reread books 1,2,.3 just waiting for april to come around thanks Reid Ted Blackfoot Id

  18. Mary says:

    I have been waiting for Moccasin Tracks and discouraged every time i hear of a new release date. It is now April 2017 and no sign of book four. ??

  19. Wes Naylor says:

    April 2017 has come and gone with no BOOK 4. I’m wondering if it has been written, or is being written as we wait. Disappointed is what I am, not to mention there are no responses to these posts.

  20. Robert Jones says:

    I met you at the Eastern Idaho State Fair in Blackfoot Idaho in September 2017 and brought books 1,2,3 from you and had you autograph them. Thanks for that. I read them the next week and have been waiting for more. You also had some hard backs that I should have brought at the same time but didn’t my bad. I enjoyed the first 3 books and wanted to read more but can’t find any. I read about the accident with your truck and house and I have personally experienced both which can be a royal pain in the ass. But is the dam delay with your new stuff. I know that Moccasins Tracks is supposed to come out next but I can’t find anything about it yet. I have read a minion of 50 to 75 books since I have been patiently waiting for your new stuff. Also do you any of your hard backs that I could get signed and sent to me and what are title’s and what do they cost. Will I have to wait until This September for the next State Fair to see if you can finally get the damed problem solved. I know no books means no money for you and your family. I’m just tried of waiting when I had read this same stuff about delays last September when I started your new series of books for me. I wish you best of luck with this problem. I’m still trying to replace my full blooded Arabian riding horse but find. One that is well trained and put together and looks as good as my last horse did is like trying to win the damed lottery. Please let me know if can ever get any new books out. If not I will have to wait until This September for the next State Fair to see if you have any luck. Thanks R.T. Jones

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