Romancing the West with Jacquie Rogers “Reid Lance Rosenthal; Threads West Western”

 Romancing the West welcomes Reid Lance Rosenthal this week! Reid, please tell us about your series.

Reid: The sixteen book Threads West, An American Saga series begins in 1855. It is the tale of disparate threads of lives–brave men and independent women–from locations around the globe, of different social origins, ethnicity and creeds. They are woven together into the tapestry of an emerging nation; a country offering opportunity and freedom and on the cusp of greatness. It is a sweeping, five generation, one hundred and seventy year story arc that will end with the last book of the series set in the real-time, contemporary West. Through the eyes of fictional characters the Threads West series accurately portray what transpired in our history, the evolution of our lands, our thought processes, morals and freedoms. So, too, will the contemporary novel portray in vivid reality—couched in nonstop adventure and romance—the current state of affairs in the West, and the United States. The Threads West series is the adventure and romance of America, her people, her spirit and the West. It is our story.

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