Book Series Overview

The Adventure and Romance of America, Her People, Her Spirit and the West. This is our Story. The Story of us.

One saga, five generations of unforgettable characters, and—through their eyes—one hundred seventy years of America brimful of adventure, sensuality and intrigue.

You will recognize the characters who live in these pages. They are you. They are us.

This is not only their story. It is our story.

It is Threads West, An American Saga.

Threads West, An American Saga Series Schedule
The Maps of Fate Era Novels – 1854 to 1875
Book One – Threads West, An American Saga (Collector’s Edition) English
Book Two – Maps of Fate English
Book One – Threads West, An American Saga (July 2013 Reprint) English
Book Three – Uncompahgre English
Book Four – Moccasin Tracks English
Book Five – Footsteps English
Book Six – Blood at Glorieta Pass English
Book Seven – The Bond English
Book Eight – Cache Valley English
The North to Wyoming Era Novels – 1875 to 1900
Book Nine – North to Wyoming  English
Book Ten – Tear Stained Leather English
Book Ten – Spirit of the Laramies English
Book Eleven – Bitter Hopes English
Book Twelve – Don’t Fence Me In English
Book Thirteen – The Tapestry English
Book Fourteen – Empire English
Book Fifteen – Water is For Fighting English
Book Sixteen -Trail to the Big Horn English
The Canyons Era Novels – 1900 to 1937
2018 – 2019 Canyons and 7 other novels  
Coming Thunder Era Novels – 1938 to 1980
2019 – 2020  Coming Thunder and 7 other novels  
Summits Era Novels – 1980 to 2021
2020 – 2021 Summits and 5 other novels  
Foreign Language Releases
Book One – Threads West, An American Saga Spanish
Book Two - Maps of Fate Spanish
Book Three – Uncompahgre Spanish
Book One – Threads West, An American Saga Icelandic
Book Two – Maps of Fate Icelandic
Book Three – Uncompahgre Icelandic


This American epic begins with Threads West. The series, in just the past year is the recipient of an astounding fifteen National Awards including Best Western­ 2010, Best Romance­ 2011, Best Historical Fiction­ 2011 and Best Design­ 2011 from the prestigious Independent Book Publishers, Indies, USA Book News, International Book Awards and other prestigious organizations.

This multiple #1 best-selling, historical western romance epic saga is being compared to Lonesome Dove, Gone with the Wind and Centennial by reviewers, authors and readers alike. Then brace yourself as the final Era of the series continues the tale in the tempestuous, contemporary West, replete with its real-time social, financial, environmental, and political nuances.

“Epic storytelling, detail, and dialogue. Rascals! Passion! Action! Real! Keep writing the Threads West series!

Max McCoy. Author of the 4 Indiana Jones and 18 other novels, Screen Writer for Spielberg’s Into the West, Multiple National Award Winner, Professor of Creative Writing


 “Long ago, I fell madly in love with Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry…The splendor and adventure of THREADS WEST has now surpassed my love of McMurtry’s Western saga.  Five stars are not enough.  One book is not enough. Let there be more…Soon!”

National Review by: ~EVE PALUDAN, Two time #1 Bestselling Author, of the Writer’s Digest Book Club, Romance Writers Pink Pages


 “Every now and then an author and a book come along that grabs readers’ hearts and attention that creates a literary stir — THREADS WEST, AN AMERICAN SAGA by Reid Lance Rosenthal is that book. THREADS WEST is garnering praise that is making this book an instant classic. What makes this book “special” is the author. Reid is a fourth generation land and cattle owner. His cowboy heart and poet’s pen captures the spirit of the western landscape and its influence on generations of its settlers. His long-standing devotion to wild and remote places, and to the people–both past and present–who leave their legend and footprint upon America and the American West is the inspiration and magic that is the ‘thread’ that is THREADS WEST, AN AMERICAN SAGA.”

John Weaver–Senior Editor, Page One Lit


Set in authentic locations on three continents and in the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains, the life threads of five generations of characters—whose personalities are forged on the dangerous anvil of the land, and shaped by the universal energies of romance, family, ambition, and the promise of America—live, love, struggle, die, fail and succeed. In the beginning they have neither country nor culture in common—but the threads of their textured and conflicted lives of these strong women and driven men become part of the fabric of the undulating landscape of the West, and are woven into the rich and passionate tapestry of an emerging nation.

The Adventure and Romance of the West wrapped in a silver bolo of the American spirit. This is our story.