I am available to speak to your group, organization or gathering. I can lasso the hearts and minds of any size audience and comfortably rope in a wide variety of topics tailored to each group’s agenda, message or area of interest. Here’s my promise—the presentations are entertaining, information packed and motivational. And they will make your group smile! As just a few examples of topics:

* Political, including alternative energy – global warming, immigration and constitutional.

* Patriotic and Business—Universal Energies—values of the Old West—History and American spirit. Teaching principles with a story.

* Land—of any type, size or nature in the US and Canada! The spiritual, financial and mechanical aspects of property from acquisition, to management, land planning, construction, business plan modeling, small town/rural considerations, resource and historical preservation, conservation easements, finance and tax told through examples based on my expert status acquired via good, not so good, and truly laughable experiences over a forty year, one plus billion dollar career in numerous states, three countries and two continents.

* Literary, including publishing, marketing and writing bestselling and award winning fiction and non-fiction. Balance between the dual lives of a strong jawed Rancher and Western Romance Author. Hysterical—and idea packed.

Whatever the subject, my teachable moment anecdotes will have great entertainment and informational value for your professional, conservation, literary, trade or real estate groups, or for current and “wannabe” owners of property in any location. I enjoy helping others. It’s both my payback to those who have assisted me, and my philosophy. You can count on an accomplished, inspiring, eloquent, but humorous down to earth presentation that resonates!

* RATES: Available upon request. Travel and lodging arrangements on a case-by-case basis depending upon location. Presentations may range, at the discretion of the host, from one half hour to a full day or more.

Talks for Students/Schools

Presentations to educational institutions or groups are a particular goal of mine and I am delighted to be a much sought after speaker. One of my missions is to open the eyes of teenagers and young adults to the critical central role universal energies—the land, romance, faith (in the non-denominational sense) and the American spirit—play in our lives, interactions, history, and future. I use stories young people can relate which combine the traits of the Old West with the importance of those touchstones to individuals and the country. I reinforce with real life examples how these touchstone values of self-reliance, personal expression, motivation and can-do attitude can be coupled with positive actions these younger generations may employ as individuals and Americans. I do not charge for presentations to middle or high school students or special educational non university groups, or travel within three hundred miles of Cheyenne, Wyoming.