Flood Water, Getting Books To Stores!

Howdy All! Here is an update on Moccasin Tracks (Book Four) and Footsteps (Book Five) of the Threads West, An American Saga series. If you are into frustrated amusement, or grinning through gritted teeth, check the release dates up on the various dot coms. Barnes and Noble has Moccasin Tracks releasing July 31st. Amazon still has the novel […] more to read »

“Don’t like this at all…

“Don’t like this at all. Nope, not looking forward to it. Not one bit, Buck.” The mustang’s ears pricked at the sound of Zebbariah Taylor’s raspy voice.  The tobiano gelding snorted agreement. The mountain man, holding his reins in one hand and a lead rope in the other, twisted in the saddle and glanced behind […] more to read »

“I’m gonna head down and camp…”

“I’m gonna head down and camp maybe a third way toward those Arapaho tipis north of Cherry Creek. I probably know some of ‘em. I’ll head into their camp in the morning. Be back about midday and you can tell me what the plans are.” Reuben nodded and turned to go. “One more thing, son.” […] more to read »

Without turning around, Philippe responded…

Without turning around, Philippe responded, “My father imported a number of them from Spain.” Philippe didn’t catch the look Reuben and Johannes exchanged. His groping hand found what he was looking for and turning, he triumphantly held up a small sack of Arbuckle’s Coffee. “Amigos, you’re right in time for the best cup of café […] more to read »

Walks with Moon stretched…

Walks with Moon stretched under the buffalo robe, lingering in that state of sleep just before waking, reaching one delicate bronze hand down to rest on the rounding of her belly, while extending the other to touch Eagle Talon. Her eyes bolted open when fingertips failed to find his warmth and she realized he was […] more to read »