Audio Blog Press Release!

We have some great news for the Thousands of you (literally) who’ve contacted us concerning the audio books! You will be pleased to know that Book One, Threads West is now being completed by the top voices in the country, including nationally renowned Jack Bair, and upon completion of Book One they will immediately begin […] more to read »

Interview with Bestselling Author Reid Lance Rosenthal By: LeAura Alderson with Best Boomers and Beyond

Reid Lance Rosenthal is a friend, successful real estate investor, fourth generation rancher, a real cowboy, and a bestselling author of Love for Land and Money, and the historic western romance series  “Threads West… An American Saga“. “The touchstones of the past are the guideposts to the future.” Threads West Series We had numerous technical […] more to read »

Uncompahgre Excerpt Zeb and Reuben

Zeb held his eyes. “I ain’t never lied to you, and I never will. But I didn’t tell ya everything back there in St. Louis when you asked me to guide you…” Zeb cleared his throat. “Oh?” “I’m a mite more than a little familiar with that country you’re headed to. My trapping cabins are […] more to read »

Snow in Tuscon??

SNOW IN TUSCON??? YEP! Must have brought some of that rocky mts weather with me 🙂 Folks down there dressed up like Eskimos on Saturday–but blue skies and 60 degrees on Sunday! lots of fun, met many great people, the presentation was a big smile and the book signings were loads of fun–lots of new […] more to read »

Equine VIP Horses Digest, “Equine VIP Interviews Author Reid Lance Rosenthal”

Author Reid Lance Rosenthal took time to speak with Equine VIP during a whirlwind of press surrounding his 2nd book release “Maps of Fate”.  His first book “Threads West” has been compared to McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove and to Michener’s Centennial by reviewers and readers. Threads West won eight National Awards including BEST Historical Fiction, BEST […] more to read »