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“Awesome keep them coming”

~Sharon Peterson

“Congratulations Reid! You inspired me, I final started my novel last night.”

~Cindy Hooker

“You should be Proud, your books are awesome, can’t wait for the next one, keep them coming!……..”
~Joanne Morandi Glover

“Thanks Reid- I am on my way to reading, but only on page 20 but cant wait to read more.”
~Shari Abramowitz-Gold

“Not any book let alone any series in the last twenty years has caught my attention and kept it! Wanting more can’t get enough of this series. With each new book Mr. Rosenthal is out doing himself I can feel myself in those words and places as he describes them, like Zebs trek to cherry creek from the mountains in book one. Thank you Mr. Rosenthal for reigniting my interest in reading.”
 ~Craig Pfaff

“Got the book of your’s and it’s good, very very gooood… Love it.. Good luck on your next book.”

~Jade Apple Emerald, Italy

 “I love the books can’t wait for number 3. They have caught my attention like no other”
~Craig Pfaff

Hi Reid – my daughter Jennifer met you at a book signing in Denver before Christmas and got me book one.  You mentioned in your inscription that “you bet that I couldn’t read just one”.  Well, just like the historical potato chip, I couldn’t read just one and poured through books one and two almost non-stop…   I want them all, right now!!!  I live in Pagosa Springs, CO and I have traveled throughout the state for most of my life.  It is so real because I know these places and have been to most of them.  I have always said what a challenge it must have been to take a wagon train from back east, across all of the rivers and mountains, in bad weather, dealing with bad people, animals, indigenous tribes (my ranch is on the San Juan River and is surrounded by Southern Ute Reservation).  I feel like I crawled into a wagon and I’m riding right alongside your characters.  I got really mad when Inga got killed and then Mac. What a shock . . . but then I remembered, that was the way it was back then.  A lot of people paid the ultimate price of their lives to help this country grow.  It really pains me to see the shape our country is in today, with no relief in sight.  Too bad you can’t do a re-write on current affairs.  I hope all this sacrifice was not for naught.  Thank you and God bless you for putting the stories into writing. 
~Jim Askins, Ripple Valley Ranch


Greetings from Georgia, this is Scarletts son the one that you met at a book signing I believe. First off thank you for signing the book it was a wonderful read. I have all of Louis Lamour’s book and have read and reread them hundreds of times. To say that your book made me remember how much I enjoy reading again would be a understatement. Absolutely enjoyed it as of the initial book, at first I got a little bogged down in the description of the characters and introducing all of them, but I came to realize this was by design. Was major disappointed that the books as in all of them weren’t already out Laugh Out Loud. But that is the life of things and I realize good things come to those that wait. So good luck writing more and thank you for a new saga of adventures and struggles depicted within the binding of your books.
P.S. Let me know when you want some of your elk herd reduced lol.

Hi, this is Ingrid, we met at Barnes and Noble, when you were there last time and you signed my book with the note “I bet, you can’t only read one”. I am done with this one and you are right, can’t wait to get the next one. I love it.
~Ingrid Bonner

281Mr. Rosenthal,
We met at a little cafe in Grand Junction on August 31st, which happened to be my birthday.  I work in a library if that jogs your memory.  You asked me to tell you my thoughts on your book.
I waited with anticipation for your book Threads West to arrive.  Once I started it, I could not put it down.  The story is extremely well written and pulled me in from the beginning. Your character descriptions paint a picture so vivid in my mind it is as though I am a fly on the wall in the very room where they are.  They really came to life for me and it was as though I knew them.  The story line I felt was very well thought out and you crafted a story that clearly shows you have done your homework in the research department and that you have an uncanny glimpse into the human spirit.
Needless to say I have a request in for the second book in the series and my anticipation is even greater.  I have recommended this book to anyone and everyone who asks for a wonderfully written thought provoking historical fiction novel.  I can only hope that if this book is made into a television mini series, the casting directors, etc. put as much care in bringing this book to the screen as you have done in writing such a marvelous work.
I will write again when I finish the second in the series.  Thank you again for taking the time to talk to my husband and myself in Grand Junction.  For a person who has loved books since being a little girl, it made my day!
~Cheryl Williams

” Great book, sucks you right off the couch and into the pages. Makes me regret those Evelyn Wood speed reading classes I took. Can’t wait for the next one.”

~Jeff Cramer, Living History actor, Colorado

“I got Threads West (Book 1) in the post last week here in Sydney. I finished it in two days. Would have been one, but I had to stop to prepare meals, pick boys up from the surf, feed the animal…. and occasionally make pleasant conversation with Todd (…my husband) Cheers!”

~Holly G, Australia

“P & J had you autograph your book “Threads West” for us… for our Christmas present! My husband started it Christmas eve… he is almost done! He can’t put it down. He is REALLY enjoying it… I mean really enjoying it. When I asked him how is the book… he just smiled really big and said IT IS GREAT! I’m next! BTW: My husband, Doug wants to know when the next book is coming out! Smile Yes, he is that excited!”

~Annie & Doug P, Texas

“I just finished Threads West! I LOVED it! I am an avid reader of historical fiction… and I could not put it down. Now I am ready for the rest the books to come out! Thanks for giving me this book for Christmas!”

~Vickie/Jane, Colorado

“…a forgotten sense of American values and romance to warm your heart in this wonderful settling of our America saga. This book may be enough to recharge America and to pave the way that may be our future. It leaves you wiping your forehead and saying, “Whew!” True grit, wit, courage and strength were necessary to bring hope to our America… we might be needing some of those attributes soon again to put the heart and soul back into our lives. Excellent job all around!”


“If you have ever enjoyed a western novel, Threads West is a must read. This is a great story and is extremely well written. This book truly is an American saga. Once you have started reading it, you won’t want to stop and will be wishing you had the next book in the series. I have read just about everything that Louis L’Amour wrote and Reid Rosenthal will soon be just as well known.”

~Roger C, Wisconsin

“After reading a few chapters of Threads West, you’ll discover a “favorite new author.” Once you’ve read the first book, you’ll agree this saga will be considered one of the great literary works of our time! ??This author writes in full technicolor–a true artist with nouns and verbs, painting a story with a pen…incredibly gifted. His style of writing captures a reader’s attention and won’t let go! It stimulates the physical senses so we can feel, taste, smell, hear and see vivid pictures of the characters and setting which he so meticulously describes. Characters that are interesting and diverse with complex lives become artfully merged with one another to create this really remarkable and unforgettable story. ??And yes, I do believe I’m beginning to display signs of mild obsessive behavior for this author’s work and the Threads West book series! So please Reid, have some mercy on us who are now unsuccessfully fumbling through other books searching for that magical place you’ve taken us to, and get the second book to the printer–pronto!”

~Nancy K, Colorado


“In an era of fast food, fast cars and even faster lifestyles, it’s nice to be able to settle down with a good book that takes us back to a simpler time and place. Once in a great while, an author emerges onto the literary scene whose work will be heralded as an instant classic. So it is with Reid Rosenthal and his Threads West series. I was entirely captivated and mesmerized with the painting of his characters’ persona and his brush strokes describing the American West in the 1800’s.

As an avid reader of books written about this time in history, I was drawn into the lives of his characters from the very first page. A truly wonderful book will take you out of your own reality and transport you to a world where anything is possible and where, if given a choice, you would remain to live and love amongst the characters. Threads West is such a book!

I will recommend this book to everyone I know and cannot wait until the second book in the series is released. For anyone who loves epics set in the 1800’s and tales of the American West, kick back, settle in and enjoy because you have reached your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

~Teresa Z, California

“Threads West: An American Saga inhabits a league of its own…there has never been another Western or Romance novel like it. Even if you’re not familiar with the genre, be prepared to be 100% engaged. Reid’s keen powers of observation, understanding of human nature, combined with his scintillating command of the English language coalesce to create a Cinematic experience in the mind, heart and soul. He puts you there and all your senses will be engaged. ??Reid Rosenthal is hands down, one of the finest writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. As a fellow writer, I intend to reread his work multiple times using it as a study guide for successful writing. He has employed techniques that are original to his personal writing style that make his work pop. You won’t find even a single tired cliche` in the book. ??For those familiar with the concept of Ex Nihilo: creation out of nothing, Reid has given life to a diverse array of characters who I could now recognize if I met them on the street, so intimately involved have I become with their lives, dreams and visions…When the book ended, all I could say was, “I want more and I want it now”….

~Katherine C, Washington

“Is this a historical novel…a western romance…a yarn about believable characters? Yes… The story is compelling, and the characters are described in a realistic way. It is easy to feel like you are a part of the story. I am eagerly awaiting the next… as the story unfolds across the mountain west…my mountain west!”

~Richard W, California

“This book is an easy read, very vivid imagery and believable characters. ANYONE who enjoys a great adventure story is sure to love this book. Embarking on the adventures of immigrants moving to America and then Westword bound to the land of opportunity. The characters are diverse and colorful, the story line keeps you interested in reading more, looking forward to the next book! A definite “Thumbs Up” to Reid Rosenthal for writing this story!!!”

~Nancy M, California

“This novel is a great read. It was so easy to identify with the characters and their search for a vast, rugged, land with unlimited possibilities. This is the ‘old west’ that I dreamed about as a child brought to life by the precise and playful prose of the author. Threads West took me home! I will definitely be waiting in line for Part II of this series.”

~Kira H, Ohio

“I absolutely loved this book. I’m not a western reader generally but after reading this book I must say that I will be reading the rest of the books in this series as soon as they come out. I could not put the book down. I finished it in three days and now I’m dying for the author to finish the next book so I can find out what happens to these characters. The author does a wonderful job interweaving the story lines together throughout the book and providing scene descriptions that make the reader feel like they are right there with the characters. Bravo!”

~Tom D, Texas

“I just finished Threads West, Book 1 by Reid Rosenthal. I was hooked right from the start, and it just kept on getting better! This is a beautifully written, compelling first book in a fascinating saga of the settling of the American West, with all its challenges and dangers, treachery, cruelty, courage and romance. The plot is exciting and the characters are all strong and believable. I felt like I was transported straight to the 1850s! I was there with the immigrants starting in Europe, then crossing the Atlantic to make their fortunes in America, starting with the hustle and bustle of New York, followed by the arduous and dangerous journey across the country to the true Wild West, where greed for gold pushes men to desperation, where other men learn the hard way about the difficulties of settling the land, where women have to survive by their wits and develop strengths they never knew they had. The plot includes dirty, dangerous card games, knife and gun fights, conniving and hoping, bravery, romance, and steamy sex. ??The early Kindle version needed a final proofreading for typos and grammatical errors, but apparently this has been fixed in the print version. ??My biggest regret is that Book 2 isn’t written yet, as I really want to find out what happens next to all these characters I’ve come to root for (and against). When’s Book 2 coming out, Reid?”

~Jodie R, California

“Threads West is an AMAZING Epic story that is a MUST READ! Reid Rosenthal paints a setting and story so beautifully interwoven. It’s a book that you will not want to put down and once finished, you will find yourself revisiting it over and over. Seldom in our lifetimes do we actually have the opportunity to own a piece of history in the making, this book is that piece of American history. I will never part with my copy! Thank you Reid for this enchanting book!”

~Marianne P.

“I really enjoyed reading Threads West: An American Saga. Once I began reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Reid has such a fluid writing style and he effectively draws the reader in and makes them feel as though they are right there. Reid paints such a vivid portrait with his words and better yet, he frames it with a great story and even greater characters!!!!! I look forward to reading the next books in this wonderful series!!!!”

~D King,

“I picked up a copy of Threads West in a remote Wyoming Elk camp and started reading under the glow of a gas light, in a short period of time I was transported back to 1855. The characters in the book truly came to life and were quite believable, the romance was well written not overbearing or drawn out. Words are used to paint a canvas so detailed that I felt I was watching every move, as well as, taking in the landscape as we went west from Europe to Saint Louis. I finished this book including the excerpts from book 2 before extinguishing the light and returning to the present. ?This is one of the best westerns I have ever read. Keep them coming.”

~Flatlander, Steven M, Massachusetts

“What a book! I’ve never have read a western book other than Lonesome Dove that have really moved me, like this book. I felt like I was one of the characters and what a page turner. I’m just a real person who enjoys to read, not a publisher or in the field. I couldn’t put the book down and after I was finished with the book it got me thinking about how my family came over from Italy and how we got started in the United States. I just wanted more. I can’t wait to read the next book. Reid writes with such passion and romance.”

~Carole F, Florida

“I found Threads West engrossing. I cared about the characters who were wonderfully developed. The story hooked me form the very first page. I was looking forward to stretching the reading out, but I read it in one sitting. Try as I might, I could not put it down. The mix of adventure, sense of American values, history and romance was beautifully done. And the sensual scenes were perfectly interwoven as key parts to the story. And they certainly got my heart beating faster! Hurry up on Book 2!”

~C Mercado, Texas

“I am so excited about this book… I have read it several times to some wonderful elderly people, men and woman alike that can no longer read themselves… they love the story, the characters and they are having a tough time waiting for the next book… I too love the book… When I read the last page I found myself wanting book two NOW… A must have if you love this country and appreciate all that those who made it a great nation… No matter how small their plan it was one of greatness… Did I say I love this book? You will too… Yep, its a must have…”

~M Hamilton, Oregon

“I have read Threads West 3 times, and each time was better than the first. I love how the author took me back in time to travel with a few of the characters as they left their European homes and country to come to a new land. He was able to help me understand the reasons why they would leave their homes and families to start a new life. I loved reading each character’s individual stories as they all met up in New York to travel westward. I have my ear to the rail patiently waiting on the 2nd book. They say it is compared to Lonesome Dove. I say Threads West is in a league of its own. If you love adventure, romance, and a good book to curl up with then go get your cowboy hat, your boots, and hit the trail with the rest of us for one great ride out west. Hurry Reid and get that 2nd book to us. Yeehaw!!”

~Linda Mc, Texas

“I just finished reading Threads West and thoroughly enjoyed the story and great character development. I anxiously look forward to the next book in the series. If the remaining books are as good as Threads West, this saga will rank up there with my favorite books — East of Eden, Lonesome Dove, The Godfather and Centennial.”

~Dean J C, Virginia

“Mr. Rosenthal has a great yarn started and all from the perspectives of immigrants….our various European ancestors. Can’t wait to see how the story progresses in each new part.”

~HP, Bill P, Washington

“Not a big reader, But I am glad I read this one. I like it very much. I am a rancher and a proud American. I see scenes every day on my land. This author knows land, and knows people. His writings about the land in the Zeb and Reuben parts and later toward the end of the book made pictures for me, and they were true. He knows people too because his characters were real to me. I really liked the American theme. That flag on the cover caught my attention to begin with, and the book is true to it.If the next books stay with it, they ought to put this in the schools. Never posted a review before, but with the snobbery in the very few not so good write ups here thought I would have my say. Book learning doesn’t make one smart. With other books coming after this, there will be at least five other books I will read over the next few years.”

~John J.

?”Can I just say….I love this passage:  The crimson tendrils of the departing day kissed the tops of snow-capped peaks. There are many times in your book where the descriptive writing is wonderful, but with this sentence, I can feel the warmth of the sun fading on the cool snow.  It is great.” 

~Ann J, Washington.

“Well, I just finished the book. I really cannot tell you how impressive the reading was. I love character development in a book. The first book I read that taught me the real importance of it was ” Sometimes a Great Notion” by Keesey. With “Threads”, not only are the characters alive, I can visualize how they walk, the turn of a mouth and, in some instances, how they smell. Descriptive paragraphs are beautifully done. I have read books where the author has a very high opinion of his own vocabulary, and the meaning gets lost in the verbiage. Just enough is perfect. This is what you have done. I am already in love with Rebecca and hate Jacob with a great intensity. Reuben is you. He is my friend.

I hate to make comparisons because “Threads” is a unique novel. But, since comparisons are expected, I will give you two. “Lonesome Dove” with the people involved. The strength and the darkness of the soul. Michener’s “Centennial” in the scope and the interweaving of lives and, I hope, generations. Thank you for sharing this marvelous work with me.”

~Gary N, Wyoming

“I downloaded Threads West and was quickly captivated. Easy to appreciate how some readers have read it front to back at one sitting! It is obviously nurtured in the heart, driven by a love of land and country and the results are destined to bring great pleasure to many readers. I know this tale will ignite many readers with a forgotten love and appreciation for the heritage of this great country and a clearer commitment to overcome the challenges that lie ahead. There may well have been a reason that Threads West should appear at this time!”

~Ronald L, Colorado

“I am hooked on your book…I loved it…I would love to have an autographed book or book cover…and I will wait patiently for the next one…and I will keep reading the rest of the saga when you finish them. How exciting to travel like that to a new land…and scary at the same time.” 

~Linda M, Texas

“Better than Louis L’Amour. And I love Louis L’Amour.” 

~Rhett R, Montana

“Few books hold my attention. But I was hooked from the first pages of Threads West. I could not put it down, and finished reading the entire novel in one day. Don’t tell my boss!!  When is book 2?  Hurry! Love it!!!”?~Debbie S, California??”I had such a wonderful time reading to the seniors at the care facility where my grandmother is, that I will be reading your book again to both men and woman this time… They love to be read to… I wish I had my mother’s talent for reading, but when you have a good story I guess you don’t need all the extras.” ?~Mitzi H, Oregon??My girlfriend bought your Threads West book.  Then she insisted that I read it.  A western romance?  I groaned and thought I would pretend to keep her happy.  I did not stop until I read the whole thing…real characters…real situations…real reactions.  A great story.  I am buying book two.  She will have to get it from me.

~Tom G, Florida

“love it!”

~Wendy P, Missouri 

“I have been completely captivated by your master of the art of storytelling. Your wondrous world of Threads West is a new adventure in which I want to continue further, learn more about the loves and lives of the characters who are becoming friend and foe and part of my own. This is your passion, painting a visual that is a must read, and leaving the reader longing for more and the next.”

~Kim H, Colorado 

“I finished the book last night.  It was amazing.  If this does not get made into a movie or mini-series for TV, it will be a crime.  It is so wonderful.  I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to read the next one.  Yow dude, you have got the romance thing down.  You had my blood pumpin’ and even boiling. (can I be the one to shoot Jacob?  I won’t miss and I’ll aim a whole lot lower!). It is captivating on so many levels and it just kept getting better and better!”?~Ann J, California??“A stunning and brilliant cast of characters with drama and adventure that had me thoroughly captivated from cover-to-cover.  I recommend everyone read the first volume of what will certainly prove to be a great series!?

~Jeribeth J, Wisconsin

“I just finished Threads West and wanted to let you know what a great read it was. Between the well crafted characters, stunning imagery, and story line that was fast moving yet filled with delicious detail, book one is a thoroughly enjoyable start to a journey I look forward to sharing.  Many thanks,

~Eric S, Florida      

“A breathtaking read…a gallop through literary highs…absolutely thrilling…Thanks Reid for re-igniting the American West…” ?

~Madelyn F, United Kingdom