Uncompahgre: What the Men Readers are Saying!

The Threads West, An American Saga series is being enjoyed by folks of all ages–from  young people 14,  to the greatest generation in their 80’s and  90’s! AND, remarkably, almost equally by both genders!  54% gals and 46% guys are reading this epic saga of the story of us–the tale and romance of America, her people and her spirit set in the West! Thought we would share few of the comments flooding in–and thank you readers!
Uncompahgre, Book Three, in the Threads West Series–what the men readers are saying!
“While I have been captured from the first book of this series, Reid's 
descriptive prose has simply become more and more vivid. His obvious 
knowledge of that era - immigrants, native tribes, other characters that 
add to the nature of the time, land, mountains - all add up to a story 
that is deepening with every book in the series.”
~Arthur Worster

“Great Saga, reading book 3 now, excellent”
~Jerry Ashcraft

“Downloaded all 3 to my iPad and about halfway through the first. Loving 
~ Michael Phillips

“Make the next edition come out already.”
~ Wes Naylor

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