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We received word from a number of our great readers just this AM that Amazon sent out a notice that the release date for Moccasin Tracks, Book 4 was somehow switched on their pages to December 31.

We are a bit stunned. Not authorized by us. Incorrect. Remarkable. And–putting it very mildly, Annoying.

Bear with us while we scramble to figure out exactly whodunnit, and get things corrected. Any of you many, many who want to switch to reserving the books (no cost for reserving Book 6!) on the Publisher’s great web site, www.threadswestseries.com, come on down!

We will be back at you all shortly here, our other social media, and on the web site with proper information!


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  1. Jerilynn Mecham says:

    [S C R E A M – – -) Ok.Reid, We saw you at the Blackfoot EISF . I am trying to PAY , YES PAY for. Books 4 -6 to give as a gift to my husband for Christmas. Every time I have accessed your Web page, I end up having a stress trying to get information, or order,. #%$€&¥. I CANNOT see where to enter the code TW617, so don’t feel I’ll be able to order, reserve , pay for, or whattheh—-. #$%£#!!! this website. I am going to “snail-mail” my order. This site is NOT “friendly”! I am pre-tech, just like you, but this site is ridiculous. I’ve been trying to use it off & on since I purchased your first three books at EISF in 2014 and have ended up aggravated, ready to wring someones neck each time. Ach!!!

    • reidadmin says:

      Hi Jerilynn,

      Thanks for the input! We do not ask that our fans pay for books that have not been released yet. You can “reserve” them with your email address by clicking the words “from the publisher” under each book on the front page of …then we can notify you and ask for payment when the books are actually published and released. There is no way to get your husband the gift of 4-6 as they have not been written yet. Once they are available we will notify you by email, and you will be able to use the code to purchase them. You could also click the words “amazon” or “barnes and noble” under the books you want on the front page of the website, and they will ask for payment. However, that will not get your books to you any sooner (because they are not written) and you will not be able to use the special code for the discount. I personally would not send payment via snail mail for three books that may take months or years to be finished. It is too difficult to keep track of.

      Thank you and i hope this helps!
      TW Team

  2. Delos Searle says:

    So I see above that the book 4 was somehow switched on Amazon to a release of December 31, I did receive that notification. But I don’t see anywhere on this site when the book will actually be released. It is getting closer to December 31st everyday. Any update on the release?

    Thank you

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