Moccasin Tracks

Moccasin Tcks CoverMomentous change continues, igniting further greed and compassion, courage and treachery, rugged independence, torrid passions and fierce loyalties. The discovery of gold in California and the meeting of the tracks of the Burlington Northern Railroad from the east and Union Pacific from the west in 1869, underpin the rise of the robber-barons, cattle empires and commerce, drawing hundreds of thousands to the Rockies and beyond.

A tidal wave of hopeful souls follows on the trail of the strong men and women of Maps of Fate. Throngs of those displaced by the devastation of the Civil War add to the torrent of humanity flowing west. In the second, third, and fourth novels of the Maps of Fate Era: Uncompahgre, Moccasin Tracks, and The Footsteps), the first Threads West generation born in the remote and sparsely settled west begins to mature and contend with this cauldron of events, their lives unsettled by personal tragedies, triumphs, loves and loss. Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana evolve into separate and distinct territories, and then achieve statehood. Law and order struggles as outlaws linger on the outer edges and range wars erupt between the landowners and the landless, sheep herders, cattlemen and sod busters. The clash of cultures, creeds and beliefs, and bitter rivalries over the control of scarce water resources, fuels further violence and cruelty.

The decades of the Maps of Fate era novels of Threads West book series become the crucible of the American spirit. This violent but magical period in American history will affect forever the souls of generations, the building of the heart of the nation, destiny of a people, and the relentless energy and beauty of the western landscape. This is our story.

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